150 Years of the Kennel Club

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The Kennel Club is the largest organisation in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare and training. 2023 is a milestone in The Kennel Club’s history, as it celebrates 150 years of helping dogs to live happy, healthy lives with responsible owners. 

Founded on 4 April 1873 by Mr. Sewallis Evelyn Shirley and 12 others, The Kennel Club was established to ensure that all dog shows and field trials across the UK were run fairly and honestly whilst being mindful of dogs’ welfare. 

Another important task for the newly formed Kennel Club to undertake was to have a register of dogs, so they could be identified properly. In 1880, the first monthly register of dog names was printed. Over the years these registration records have ensured that each dog can be uniquely identified whilst providing the source of pedigree information for every dog on The Kennel Club's Breed Register.

The Kennel Club today represents the interests of all responsible dog owners to ensure that dogs are welcome throughout society. All of its schemes and initiatives form part of the overall objective to ensure it makes a positive difference to dogs and their owners.

Founded in 1901 as The Guernsey Dog Club, renamed The Guernsey Kennel Club in 2005, has a long-held status as a Kennel Club and maintains a Reciprocal Agreement with the UK Kennel Club. Since its formation, the aim of the Guernsey Kennel Club has remained the same: to promote the general improvement of pedigree dogs and dog shows.


Date of Issue 4th April 2023
Designer Jake Coates
Printer bpost
Values 56p, 79p, 87p, £1.21, £1.39, £1.50
Process Offset lithography
Stamp Size 40mm deep x 35mm wide
Souvenir Sheet 140mm deep x 100mm wide
Paper Gummed FSC Securpost 110 GPW
Sheet 10
Perforation 1.1 x 1.667
Cylinder A

150 Years of the Kennel Club