Earn loyalty points!

Earn and redeem loyalty points online with Guernsey Stamps. By logging on to your account every time you shop on our website you will earn points. 


Occassionally we run promotional offers in association with the loyalty points scheme. We promote these offers via our email newsletter, in our News Bulletin, via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure you do not miss any of our offers, sign up to our newsletter via our website today if you haven't already.

The loyalty points scheme is entirely free and simple to use, with loyalty points earned for the majority of purchases.  The number of points required to purchase an item is displayed on the website and, once you have earned enough points to make a purchase, you can redeem them on our website. 

If you already have a Guernsey Stamps account on our website, then you can start earning loyalty points straight away.

If you don’t already have a Guernsey Stamps website account simply click here to create one. It’s free, you can view your orders and collect loyalty points every time you buy*.

Login into your account every time you shop on our website and you will earn points. You will also have access to special products that are only available to our online account holders – some of which can only be purchased by using your loyalty points. To view these special items click on 'your loyalty points' in your account details and order them as you would a standard product, just make sure you have enough points to purchase the item.

You can earn points on most of our products and, once you have enough points, you can redeem them for any of the available items on our website. The number of points required to purchase an item can be seen next to the price of the product and the number of points you have earned can be seen in your shopping cart as you process your order.

What is a GuernseyStamps Point worth?
You will earn one Point for every £1 spent. One Point is then worth 1p to spend on products across the website. So for every 100 Points you will have a credit of £1.00 to spend on the website

From time to time Guernsey Stamps will run promotions and special offers within our loyalty scheme, so make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity and sign up today.

*Restrictions apply.

Guernsey Stamps Loyalty Points can only be earned and redeemed on online purchases.

New issue products will not be available for purchase using Loyalty Points until six months after issue date.

Loyalty Points are not available on the following products:

Banknotes and coins

Limited edition products

Jill Vaudin Guernsey Collectables


Loyalty Points are only available on full price products. You must have enough Loyalty Points to purchase your item, part payment is not accepted.

Loyalty Points cannot be exchanged for a monetary value. If an account is closed, points are lost.

Loyalty Points can be redeemed for gift vouchers to spend on any product on the website. Vouchers can only be used on the Guernsey Stamps website.