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Guernsey Definitives: Guernsey Birds We are delighted to release a new set of definitive stamps that showcase some of the wonderful bir..
Alderney Definitives: Alderney Birds Guernsey Post is delighted to announce the release of a new set of 16 definitive stamps depicting ..
Guernsey Coasts The island of Guernsey with its sandy beaches, cliff walks, seascapes and offshore islands has been ..
Her Majesty: The Longest Reigning Monarch On 9 September 2015 the Queen officially becomes  the longest reigning monarch in British his..
Love the Bailiwick We are extremely proud of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and are delighted to have created this particula..
60th Anniversary of Liberation This definitive se-tenant pair featuring King George VI and HM The Queen Elizabeth II commemorates t..
Raymond Evison Clematis self-stick 2004 was a very imporatnat year in horticulture as the Royal Horticultural Society, the Uk's leading..
Letters on a stamp on a letter Andrew Fothergill, the designer of these stamps, proposed the concept of letters of the alphabet in ..
25 Years of Alderney Stamps 1983 -2008 The third-largest of the Channel Islands, this year Alderney celebrates 25 years of issuing stamps. ..
Abstract Guernsey Guernsey’s coastline has been photographed countless times over the years, with amateurs and profess..
Alderney Definitives 1 - Corals and Anemones Of all the wonderful marine creatures living in the cool, clear waters around Alderney, the sea cora..
Alderney Definitives 2 - Corals and Anenomes Many people will be familiar with one or two species of anemone, but they are just a tiny part of th..
La Societe Guernesiaise Formed in 1882 to encourage the study of history, natural history, geography and geology of the Bail..
Raymond Evisons Wild Flora Definitives Several times over the years we have featured cultivated flowers, many of which have been grown in G..
Abstract Guernsey 2 The ‘abstract’ theme continues with six more magical yet realistic shots from Alex Wallace and Nick ..
HM Queen Elizabeth II £10 Definitive When England’s King John lost Normandy to King Philip Augustus of France in 1204, Guernsey made the ..
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