The first of Keith Robinsons' superb Guernsey Witches artwork series is now available as a 10x8 Giclee print.

A popular midnight haunt was the headland between l’Eree and Perelle on the west of the island, known as Le Catioroc. The island’s wizards, witches and warlocks supposedly convened here after dark on Friday nights in a ceremony known as “Le Sabbat des Sorciers”. Stories suggest that they would dance around and worship the devil in the form of a black goat. It is said that as recently as the last century this meeting place was strictly avoided by the superstitious locals at the start of the weekend.

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Guernsey Witches A4 Giclee Prints / Guernsey Witches Le Sabbat Des Sorciers 10x8 Print

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