Guernsey Coasts

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The island of Guernsey with its sandy beaches, cliff walks, seascapes and offshore islands has been a popular tourist destination since the Victorian days.

Our latest issue of self stick stamps are a nod to the heady hey days of island tourism. The images on each set features a panoramic scene, which have been treated in such a way, that they perhaps remind us of the fashionable posters of the era.

We have five GY rate stamps for letters and postcards posted in the Bailiwick and also five UK stamps for letters and postcards sent to the UK, Jersey or Isle of Man and each shows an artist's impression of Guernsey's spectacular coastline.


Date of Issue 1 September 2017
Designer Sue Hamon
Printer Joh Enschede
Values 5 x 100gm Bailiwick and 5 x 100gm UK rate
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 25mm deep x 30mm wide
Paper 196gsm unwatermarked Self adhesive
Booklets of 10 10 x 100gm Bailiwick rate (2 of each design) 10 x 100gm UK rate (2 of each design)

Guernsey Coasts