The fifth of Keith Robinson's wonderfully illustrated witch tales.

‘Jean Falla and the Witches’ is a tale of an experienced local fisherman who unwittingly may have offended one of the witchy sisterhood and got caught up in an unexpected storm at sea. In a howling wind he heard a peal of unearthly laughter and looked up to see a coven of witches flying about above him, amongst them was a face he recognised. His fright and embarrassment were the cause of their merriment. 

When he returned to land he cut across a field and in his haste to get home, jumped astride a cow. The Guernsey took off across the field before stopping suddenly causing Jean Falla to fall head over heels into a muddy ditch and the unearthly laughter resounded. 

After scrambling home safely, he vowed to treat all old women from then on with respect.

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Guernsey Witches A4 Giclee Prints / Jean Falla and the Witches 10x8 Giclee Print

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Jean Falla and the Witches, Keith Robinson, Giclee Print

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