Post and Go: Bailiwick Cuisine

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This latest Post & Go set celebrates the island’s delicious cuisine by depicting a selection of local recipes or popular local dishes on the six stamps.

Traditional dishes such as Guernsey Bean Jar, Guernsey Gâche Melee and locally available seafood feature on this set.

The Guernsey Ormer is depicted on the presentation pack cover and is a real gastronomic treat. This shellfish is a variety of abalone, which looks like a small sea snail and is harvested at low spring tides. They have been collected on the island for centuries but there are strict rules about when and where you can hunt for them, so they are only available in season and are much sought after. 

Our Post and Go stamps remain a popular part of our annual programme, and we are particularly delighted to be able to showcase Guernsey’s wealth of natural ingredients from both its land and surrounding seas.


Date of Issue 19 February 2022
Designer Mark Totty
Printer WSP
Values GY Letter, UK Letter, GY Large, EUR Letter, ROW Letter, UK Large
Process Six colour digital printing in coil strips. Value and location identifier printed in thermography within a Royal Mail series II machine
Stamp Size 25mm deep x 56mm wide
Paper Self-adhesive
Perforation Simulated

Guernsey Post and Go: Bailiwick Cuisine