Bailiwick Life

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Presentation Pack Bailiwick Lfe A convenient and attractive method of displaying and storing Guernsey Post commemorative and definitive stamp issues is the presentation pack folder. Housed in a proprietary stock card, to which ..

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Blank First Day Cover Bailiwick Life The Philatelic Bureau offers a blank first day cover for the Bailiwick Life stamp issue...

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First Day Cover Bailiwick Life The Philatelic Bureau offers a first day cover service in respect of all stamp issues. A set of stamps is affixed to an unaddressed, speciallydesigned envelope and it is cancelled with a special picto..

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World Stamp Show New York 2016 Overprint Bailiwick Life Guernsey Post is delighted to offer the B series of Guernsey Post and Go World Stamp Show New York 2016 Overprint featuring the Bailiwick Life. The Guernsey Post and Go stamps are available in six tar..

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B Series Strip Bailiwick Life Guernsey Post is delighted offer our new Guernsey Post and Go issue featuring the Bailiwick Life.The Guernsey Post & Go ‘B Series’ stamps carry unique identification numbers and no overprint ..

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Our latest issue of Guernsey Post & Go stamps includes six fantastic images of animals, all of which are associated with the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The first of the stamps features a donkey, partly in recognition of the fact that people of Guernsey are sometimes referred to as donkeys! The inclusion of the donkey in this set is also to pay homage to the original Guernsey golden donkey, which is now extinct.

Other animals with island connections pictured on the stamps include the Guernsey golden goat, the iconic Guernsey cow, the Atlantic grey seal, the puffin and the unusual blonde hedgehog.


Date of Issue 17 February 2016
Designer Andrew Robinson
Printer Walsall Security Printing
Values GY Letter, GY Large, UK Letter, UK Large, EUR Letter, ROW Letter
Process Six colour digital printing in coil strips. Value and location identifier printed in thermography within a Royal Mail Series II MACHINE
Stamp Size 25mm deep x 56mm wide
Paper Self-adhesive
Perforation Simulated