40p – The Battle of Hastings has been fought between Harold II of England and William II, Duke of Normandy. Following victory, William’s table and tent are set up on the spot where Harold fell and he dines with his half-brothers.
53p – The English towns of Romney, Dover, Canterbury and Winchester have submitted to William. As London has resisted his efforts, William has cut them off from resupplies by destroying a path about 20 miles wide to the south and west of London.

55p – Upon reaching Berkhamsted, the nobles of London submit to William’s rule.  The English party includes Edgar the Aetheling, the last surviving male member of the English royal house. 
63p - The coronation of William took place on Christmas Day in 1066 at Westminster Abbey. He is crowned by Ealdred, Archbishop of York and guarded by his Norman knights.

71p - William could not speak English and shows concern – perhaps anger - when the shout of the English, who are asked if they will accept him as King, is misunderstood by the Normans as a call for rebellion.  Chaos ensues while the English nobles present William with the sword of state and the orb.

79p -  William has chosen the site for the construction of the White Tower using the famous white stone which he imports from Caen. It was his effective fortifications which enabled him to overcome English resistance. The tower is shown in outline to indicate that its construction lies in the future.  English peasants accept William’s kingship.

With special thanks to Jan Messent whose book The Bayeux Tapestry embroiderers' story provided inspiration for the project.


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