The Guernsey Postcrossing stamp designs reflect the joy of living on Guernsey and the Bailiwick Islands surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, on land and in the ocean. 

Postcrossing is the union of the words "postcard" and "crossing" and its origin is loosely-based on the Bookcrossing site (with postcards, instead of books). However, the "crossing" or exchange of postcards works in a different way. Members send postcards to random members of the project, and in turn receive postcards back from other random postcrossers. This means that members cannot choose where their next postcard is going to and likewise, they don’t know where their incoming postcards come from, thus ensuring the element of surprise when one opens their mailbox. Exchanges are always unique and never more than once between the same members. The project is completely free and anyone with an address can create an account. However, the postcards themselves and postage fees to mail them are the responsibility of each user.

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Postcrossing 2016 / Set of 2 Stamps

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Postcrossing 2016

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