Sarnia Arts and Crafts 100th Anniversary

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Sarnia Arts & Crafts Club (SACC) in Guernsey is celebrating its 100th birthday with several events and activities taking place throughout the year. Among the plans is an ambitious and innovative community project One Brushstroke, which offers islanders the opportunity to add one brushstroke to a digital canvas, to create a piece of artwork and lasting legacy made by, and for, the people of Guernsey.

The Club’s President, Liz Potter, says they have been “blown away” by the response they’ve received and that the project has shown just how much joy art can bring, as well as bringing the whole community together. “We have taken [the project] right across the island to all sort of community events, social clubs, and groups.

We have visited many of the island’s care homes and schools and we have lots more visits to make before the project ends on 3 June, which is the anniversary of the club’s very first exhibition 100 years ago.” SACC continues to thrive 100 years after it was formed. Every year, its dedicated committee organises a full programme of events and activities for members, from demonstrations and workshops from local and visiting artists, to light-hearted evenings where members can try out a wide variety of mediums and crafts, regular competitions and a weekly painting and crafting group. The club also offers members lots of opportunities to show and sell their work.

To find out more about joining SACC please contact:, or Instagram: @sarnia_arts_and_crafts_club


Date of Issue 25th July 2024
Designer Chloe Sarre
Printer bpost
Values 65p, £1.20, £2.08, £4.38
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 40mm deep x 30mm wide
Illustrators Ann Hunt, Louise Le Pelley, Liz Potter, Nelli Begg
Paper Tru White Litho NEW 110g
Perforation 1.1 x 1.667
Cylinder A

Sarnia Arts and Crafts 100th Anniversary