A wonderful opportunity to purchase  a canvas or Giclee print of this superb illustration of the Border Collie by Jake Coates

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The Border Collie is a naturally active, intelligent herding specialist and all-round worker. They are often seen performing the task for which they were bred: working sheep - and cattle - and thier fitness for function is seen in their speed, innate herding instinct and stealthy gait and carriage.

The name derives from the border regions of England, Scotland and Wales where they originally showed their worth: working sheep in the hills and mountains. Their intelligence, speed and versatility have brought the Border Collie success in many canine activities such as obedience, agility, and as a sniffer dog for detecting explosives and drugs. 

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150 Years of the Kennel Club / Border Collie Canvas or Giclee Print

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150 Years of the Kennel Club

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