300 Years: Casquets Lighthouse

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In 1940, when British forces were withdrawn from the Channel Islands during WWII, the Germans seized the opportunity to occupy British territory and the islands were heavily fortified.

One such fortification was Casquets Lighthouse, which the Germans had set up as a naval signalling station, possibly believing the surrounding treacherous waters would be enough to protect them from any commando-style raids.

65p stamp: Casquets Lighthouse, 1830's

£1.20 stamp: Casquets Lighthouse, 1854

£1.68 stamp: Casquets Lighthouse, 1970's

£1.74 stamp: Casquets Lighthouse, 1980's

£2.08 stamp: Casquets Lighthouse, Foggy Sunrise

£2.63 stamp: Dark Skies


Date of Issue 14th May 2024
Designer Toby Dixon
Printer Brebner Print
Values 65p, £1.20, £1.68, £1.74, £2.08, £2.63
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 30mm deep x 40mm wide
Paper Arconvert Securpost Premium Gummed 110gsm
Sheet 10
Perforation 13.33 x 13.60
Cylinder A

300 Years: Casquets Lighthouse