Guernsey 2013 Stamp Issues

Raymond Evison 25 years of gold Raymond J. Evison OBE, VMH, is a nurseryman, lecturer, author and photographer. Born to a gardening ..
When Santa got stuck up the chimney Music has long been a feature of the Christmas season and its celebrations. Whilst the earliest chan..
In celebration of The Royal Birth Following the birth of the infant son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on 22 July 2013, Kensingt..
SEPAC: The 100th Anniversary of the West Show This year sees one hundred years of Guernsey's West Show and the illustrations on our commemorative ..
The 200th Anniversary of the Guernsey Press and Star Guernsey Press 200 Years Commemorative Issue 1813 -2013 The Guernsey Press and Star, reaches a mile..
EUROPA The Postmans Van The Postman’s Van is the topic of the May 2013 Europa Set. Robin Carter is a freelance illustrator ..
Herm Island After what seems like a lifetime of rain and cold, we are seeing the first stirrings of spring in th..
Sarks Gold Postbox Once in a while something very special happens locally which needs to be celebrated. In 2012 Sark's ..
Endangered Species Giant Panda There is only one species of Giant Panda. A member of the bear family, the Giant Panda is the o..
Guernsey Marine Life Sue Daly is a wildlife film-maker, photographer and writer based in the tiny channel island of Sark...
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