52p: Santa a vos palots et a vos familias (Health to your friends and family)

73p: Cha saonne magnet a St Anne (Bells sounding midnight at St Anne)

79p: Ma graond maire a trop pessaons (My grandmother has too many fish)

£1.10: L'houmme sedans li leone ne porte pas di arde (The man in the moon doesn't wear trousers)

£1.26: Barbeloutes a Burhou (Puffins on Burhou)

£1.35: En battery peckhou au port d' Braye (A fishing boat in Braye Harbour)

£2.20: Haerissaons blondes a Platte Saline ( Blonde hedgehogs on Platte Saline)

£3.50: Enne vasque Aourgnaise au Marais ( Alderney cow at the Marais)

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Alderney Patois / Set of 8 Stamps

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Set of 8 Stamps

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