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Single £5 stamp This single stamp is in a robust glassine bag. You may decide to place your stamps in a special album in order to preserve their mint condition (see Albums and Binders section).If you’re a new stamp c..

Price £5.00


Andrew Fothergill, the designer of these stamps, proposed the concept of letters of the alphabet in random upper and lower case (representing the variety of envelopes and packages a modern post office deals with), on a stamp which was in turn on a letter. And so a 'modern art' stamp incorporating a subtle 'play on words' allied to state-of-the-art technology was born.

Dutch printers Joh. Enschede came up with the final touch of genius by adding heat sensitive ink; when touched it changes from orange to white. Silver foil giving a 'wave' effect is used for the Queen's head, the value, the name of Guernsey and the background letters on the surrounding sheet. The stamp replaces our previous £5 definitive issued in August 1998.


Date of Issue 3 July 2003
Designer Andrew Fothergill
Printer Joh. Enschede
Values £5.00
Process Offset Lithography / Patterned foil & heat sensitive ink
Stamp Size 36mm x 36mm
Paper 110gsm unwatermarked / PVA Adhesive
Sheet 4
Perforation 13
Cylinder A