A signed and numbered limited edition of Keith Robinson's second wonderfully illustrated Guernsey Witches artwork is available for you to purchase. 

Only 50 signed copies available!

This illustration depicts the coven flying home after Le Sabbat without broomsticks as Guernsey witches flew using invisible wings, suggesting some relation to the pouques or Guernsey fairies.

Delivery: Allow 5-7 working days for delivery

Standard prints for each design available at £15 - click 'Collectables' to view options. 

Giclee Fine Art Prints

These prints have excellent archival qualities, and are printed using the very best pigment inks.

Smooth Matt 320gsm Acid Free - Natural White

With a luxuriously smooth natural white finish and an acid-free construction that uses no optical brighteners, this is an especially premium paper ideal for those higher-quality printing jobs. It's also water resistant and offers a good stiffness that makes it the ideal choice for limited edition and bespoke prints.

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Europa: Stories and Myths (Guernsey Witches) / 'SIGNED' Print of Guernsey Witches flying home after Le Sabbat

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Guernsey Witches, Le Sabbat Des Sorciers, Keith Robinson

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