£50 Bank Notes

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Guernsey issues its own sterling notes and coins as the legal tender of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which is readily accepted throughout the Channel Islands but not usually beyond our Islands.  The circulation of Guernsey notes and coins is approximately £54 million.


COLOUR: Multicolour – predominantly Brown, Green and Blue

SIZE: 156m x 85mm


The seal of the Bailiwick is surrounded by a laurel wreath, printed on a silver background, and is positioned in the lower centre of the note, to the left of an engraved portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, framed by a rectangular background panel. The title ‘THE STATES OF GUERNSEY’ is at the top of the note. The denomination ‘£50’ is shown in the top right and bottom left corners. The written value and promissory clause is central, above the facsimile signature of the States Treasurer. A vignette of The Royal Court House is below, and a vignette of a Guernsey lily is next to the signature. A novel style vertical serial number with figures of increasing size is positioned down the left side, with a horizontal serial number at the bottom right. A vignette of the vessel ‘L’Invention’ is in the upper left corner.


The title ‘THE STATES OF GUERNSEY’ is at the top of the note. An illustration of St Andrew’s Church is central, with a letter of Marque and a La Gran’mére du Chimquiére to the left. A Wild Dog Rose is also included. The Pointe de la Moye is at the top left. The denomination ‘£50’ is in the top left and bottom right corners. A vignette of the vessel ‘L’Invention’ is in the upper right corner.

Guernsey Post is able to sell the notes on behalf of the States of Guernsey through its Philatelic Bureau department. The notes are uncirculated and in mint condition.

£50 Bank Notes