£1 Bank Notes

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Guernsey issues its own sterling notes and coins as the legal tender of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which is readily accepted throughout the Channel Islands but not usually beyond our Islands.  The circulation of Guernsey notes and coins is approximately £54 million.



SIZE: 128mm x 65mm


The seal of the Bailiwick is surrounded by a laurel wreath and is to the left of a vignette depicting Market Square circa 1830. An acanthus ornament and geometric lathe pattern is above. The background shows a repeated Guernsey lily motif. The title ‘THE STATES OF GUERNSEY’ is across the top. A large value numeral is on acanthus and at the bottom right. The written value and promissory clause is centre right above the facsimile signature of the States Treasurer. Serial numbers are top left and bottom right.


The title ‘THE STATES OF GUERNSEY’ is on the left, above a large value numeral, both superimposed over a large Guernsey lily. The second value numeral is in a box, top right. A portrait of Daniel De Lisle Brock is shown to the right of the Royal Court House in 1840. The Brock coat of arms is to the right of the portrait. A portrait caption at bottom right reads “Daniel De Lisle Brock Bailiff of Guernsey 1762-1842” and above the caption is a Bailiff’s hat. The background shows a repeated Guernsey lily motif and the figure ‘1’ in medallion technique.

Guernsey Post is able to sell the notes on behalf of the States of Guernsey through its Philatelic Bureau department. The notes are uncirculated and in mint condition.