Sepac: Handcrafts The Guernsey Jumper

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Presentation Pack A convenient and attractive method of displaying and storing Guernsey Post commemorative and definitive stamp issues is the presentation pack folder. Housed in a proprietary stock card, to which is at..

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Set of 4 Stamps Our sets are supplied in a robust glassine bag. You may decide to place the stamps in a special album in order to preserve their mint condition (see Albums and Binders section).If you're a new stamp c..

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Sheets of 10 Some of our stamp issues are produced in sheets of ten. This enables collectors to obtain cost-effective sheets of each value with the name of the designer, printer and printer’s information and ‘traf..

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SEPAC Folder 2017, Local handcrafts of Europe The latest Sepac folder is now available. The common theme of the stamps this year is 'Handcrafts'. The stamps featured in the eight edition of the special folder entitled ‘Local Handcrafts of Eu..

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First Day Cover The Philatelic Bureau offers a first day cover service in respect of all stamp issues. A set of stamps is affixed to an unaddressed, specially designed envelope and it is cancelled with a special pict..

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'The humble Guernsey - Flying the flag the world over' This stamp issue includes four stamps each depicting one of the many countries throughout the world where Guernseys are exported today.

The Guernsey has not changed in design over the years and was originally hand knitted with each pattern being specific to a particular family so that if the sailor drowned he could be identified and returned to his family.

Guernsey sailors all wore Guernseys, but they pronounced the name of the island as Ganzey rather than the present pronunciation.

Over time, sailors wives from ports across England realised the usefulness of the Guernsey/Ganzey, and started to knit them for their menfolk. They sometimes copied the patterns they had seen the Guernsey sailors wearing, but often made up patterns of their own.


Date of Issue 17 May 2017
Designer Joseph Smith
Printer Joh Enschede
Values 44p, 59p, 73p, 80p
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 30mm deep x 38mm wide
Paper 110gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive
Sheet 10
Perforation 13.25 x 13.5
Cylinder A

Sepac: Handcrafts The Guernsey Jumper