The latest SEPAC issue celebrates old residential houses and Guernsey Post's contribution features not only an historic property, but a work-of-art, once home to one of the greatest French writers.

The house is one of Guernsey’s many historocial gems, inscribed on the island’s Protected Buildings List but, despite regular maintenance work, the big house had started to lose its shine. Thanks to a billionaire art collector, who donated more than £2.5 million, Hauteville House has now undergone extensive work to restore the building and its décor to their original state.

Hauteville House re-opened in April 2019 and this miniature sheet depicts three of the areas that underwent major restoration work.

80p (EUR 20g Letter) with the SEPAC logo features the garden terrace and rear of the house now looking as it would of done in Hugo's day.

98p (ROW 20g Letter) depicts the look-out where Hugo worked on some of his famous books such as Les Miserables.

£1.59 (EUR 100g Letter) depicts the restored Red Room, one of the rooms Hugo and his family greeted guests.

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Miniature Sheet

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Miniature Sheet

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