Local Beverages SEPAC stamp competition 2022

Vote for the most beautiful 2022 SEPAC stamp for a chance to win a year collection from each of the participating 9 SEPAC members!

How to vote (closing date: 31 January 2023)
1. Go to www.sepacstamps.eu and click on the stamp competition tab
2. Register by clicking on the button ‘Login‘ located at the top right-hand corner of the website (if already registered, simply log in using your username and password)
3. Once registered, log in and mark the stamp of your choice. You may only cast one vote.
Alternatively, you can also place your vote by emailing us at info@sepacstamps.eu (Simply add the country you would like to vote for in the subject line).
Vote now and win 9-year collections

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SEPAC: Seagull Mischief / SEPAC Folder 2022 - Local Beverages 13

  • £14.95  (1495 Loyalty Points)

  • Loyalty Points: 14

  • Availability: In Stock

SEPAC: Seagull Mischief

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