The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

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To celebrate The Queen’s Jubilee, on 4 February 2022 we will release a wonderful stamp issue, including a set of six stamps, which depict photographs of the Queen through the ages wearing Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee necklace; a miniature sheet also depicting the Golden Jubilee necklace; and a prestige booklet, which provides further background on the necklace, its origins, and historic Jubilee stamps.

In recognition of this important historical event, and in a philatelic first, we have also produced limited-edition stamps comprising 5,000 black and white versions of the standard coloured set of six stamps, which depict The Queen wearing the jubilee necklace. Unlike the other products, the mint black and white stamp set will not be available to purchase; one of the black and white stamps will be placed within the colour mint set of six stamps. Collectors purchasing this product will then have the choice to keep it and search for the remaining five stamps, swap it or sell it on.

Stamp collectors are passionate about collecting, many enjoy searching for the unusual, something that will provide them with the opportunity to build up a unique or special collection. For this special Platinum Jubilee issue, we are excited to provide our customers with the opportunity to collect our limited edition black and white stamps, which, unlike the colour mint stamps, cannot be purchased as a set. All of our Standing Order customers who receive one of our products from this special Platinum Queen’s Jubilee issue will also receive a complimentary limited edition black and white stamp in their order. Mailing list customers who order a mint set of stamps will receive one of the complimentary black and white stamps, if the order is received within the first three months of issue or while stocks last. The remaining colour sets containing a black and white stamp will be available to purchase via our website or direct through the Bureau on a first come first serve basis.

Collect all six black and white stamps and get them cancelled, just send them to the bureau for cancelling with the first day of issue cancel.

A beautiful limited-edition replica gold stamp depicting Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and the Guernsey Crest, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of Guernsey's postal independence, will be awarded to the first collector who can provide evidence that they have collected a full black and white stamp set.


Date of Issue 4 February 2022
Designer Bridget Yabsley
Printer Joh Enschede
Values 50p, 70p, 73p, £1, £1.15, £1.20
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 40mm deep x 30mm wide
Sheet Size 101mm deep x 82mm wide
Sheet Stamp Size 45mm deep x 34mm wide
Paper PVA Gummed 110gsm
Sheet 10
Perforation Stamps 14 x 13.25 - Sheet 14.75 x 14.25
Cylinder A

Queen's Platinum Jubilee