A wonderful opportunity to purchase  a canvas or Giclee print of this superb illustration of the Dobermann by Jake Coates

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This intelligent and courageous service dog, the largest of the Pinschers, takes its name from the man who developed it: Louis Dobermann, a tax collector in Germany, who wanted a fierce looking dog to protect him in his work, with courage to defend and attack when required.

To a foundation of Pinscher blood was added Weimaraner, Greyhound, Manchester Terrier, Rottweiler and German Shepherd blood to achieve a combination of intelligence, speed and toughness of character.

The Dobermann’s intelligence and trainability have been harnessed by the armed forces and the police. However, their loyal and obedient nature equips them to be an excellent family dog, a role in which they are equally comfortable.

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150 Years of the Kennel Club / Dobermann Canvas or Giclee Print

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150 Years of the Kennel Club

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