50th Anniversary - Postal Independence

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The 1st October 2019 sees Guernsey Post celebrating our 50th anniversary of Postal Independence.

We are delighted to be issuing a vibrant set of stamps that depict some of the key developments since Guernsey became an independent post administration on 1 October 1969.

48p: Guernsey Post rebrand and postboxes are painted blue in 1980.

65p: 1993 local postcodes introduced in line with UK postal system.

66p: Automation introduced in 2003, latest sorting machines installed in 2014.

80p: Electric vans introduced to vehicle fleet in May 2017.

90p: Internet ordering explosion increase parcel deliveries.

98p: 2001 Post Office commercialised, Guernsey Post Ltd move to new headquarters at Envoy House.


Date of Issue 1 October 2019
Designer Joseph Smith (Mojoe)
Printer bpost
Values 48p, 65p, 66p, 80p, 90p, 98p
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 40mm deep x 40mm wide
Paper 445 Gummed FSC Securpost 110 GPW
Sheet 10
Perforation 1.1 x 1.667
Cylinder A

50th Anniversary - Postal Independence