Alderney The Christmas Story 2023

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Martin Hargreaves is a British artist who studied illustration at Brighton Polytechnic.

His latest work for Guernsey Post, The Christmas Story, brings to life the well-known scenes from the Nativity, an important subject for Christian artists since the 4th century.

Martin explained, “The different scenes from the Christmas story are subjects which have been depicted many times by the great painters of the past, so I was able to find inspiration from many sources.”

“I have to think hard about the size they will be used at, most of my work is not reduced to quite such a small scale!’

The Nativity Story, also referred to as The Christmas Story is one of the most widely known stories and recounts the birth of Jesus but Martin has also worked on another story about Jesus.

“A couple of years ago I worked on illustrations for a children’s book entitled See My Saviour’s Hands, which was a picture book about the life of Christ with each illustration focussing on what Jesus’ hands were doing.”


Date of Issue 1 November 2023
Designer Martin Hargreaves
Printer Bpost
Values 51p, 56p, 79p, 87p, £1.21, £1.39, £1.50, £4.93
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 30mm deep x 40mm wide
Paper Self Adhesive - R/V Laserprint Offset
Sheet 10
Perforation Simulated Perforation
Cylinder A

The Christmas Story