Complete set of 2007 Stamps

Products in this Issue


This is a unique opportunity to collect the complete set of stamps released by the Guernsey Post in 2007. A great way to start your stamp collection!

The 2007 collection contains:

Alderney Ramsar: set of 6 stamps and Souvenir Sheet

Battle of the Falklands: set of 6 stamps and Souvenir Sheet

La Societe Guernesiaise: self-stick stamp set

Centenary of Scouting: set of 6 stamps

British F1 World Champions set of 8 stamps

Alderney Resident Passerines: set of 6 stamps

Royal Diamond Wedding: set of 6 stamps

Endangered Species: Mountain Gorilla Miniature Sheet

Corals and Anemones: mini set of 4 stamps

Rudyard Kipling's Just So Storeis: set of 6 stamps and Souvenir Sheet

Sepac 2007 Sea Guernsey: set of 6 stamps

Deck the Halls Christmas Stamps: set of 12 stamps