40p – Shows the beautifully uniform keys of this the modern cousin of the Chifournie, the Hurdy Gurdy
53p – shows the wooden pegs and the turning handle of the instrument; melodies were played on a keyboard, which pressed small wedges against one or more of the strings to change their pitch. 

55p – Sound was produced from the Chifournie by the action of the rim of a rotating wheel rubbing across the strings. This stamp shows the wheel, which typically would have been rosined. 

63p - The wheel of the Chifournie functioned much like a violin bow, and indeed single notes played on the instrument sound remarkably similar. This stamp shows the wheel and the strings. 

71p - Shows the pegs, turning handle and wheel of the Chifournie which, like most acoustic stringed instruments, had a sound board to make the vibration of the strings audible. 

79p -  A complete picture of the Chifournie is shown on this stamp; sadly this interesting musical instrument had disappeared from Guernsey by the mid-nineteenth century.

You can see and hear the chifournie being played by downloading the Sepac or Lowe-Martin App from the App store and hover your smart phone or tablet over your stamps.

Our sets are supplied in a robust glassine bag. You may decide to place the stamps in a special album in order to preserve their mint condition (see Albums and Binders section).

If you're a new stamp collector we would recommend you pause and make a few decisions which will help if you decide later to collect seriously.

Mint stamps (otherwise known as unused) have never been cancelled or affixed to anything. They will be in the same pristine condition as they were when they left the printer.

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