Alderney Christmas Story

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The 2012 Alderney Christmas stamp issue has a Nativity theme this year. The series which has been beautifully designed by Wendy Bramall features a set of seven intricately illustrated stamps highlighting key moments in the traditional Christmas story. 

The beautifully decorative set depicts various scenes from the Nativity including the Angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, or the ‘Annunciation’ through to Joseph accompanying Mary and the baby Jesus as they travel to safety in Egypt.  

The festive season is an exciting time for many of us and not least for children as they eagerly await the arrival of Santa.  Many youngsters are also involved in Christmas activities at schools and nurseries such as preparations for the annual ‘Nativity Play.’ 

Christmas productions take many forms from pantomime to musical extravaganza but the traditional biblical tale is still a firm favourite. The prestigious parts of Mary and Joseph are cast and the remainder of the class are allocated roles such as shepherd complete with gown, sandals and obligatory headdress. Of course each shepherd must take care of a flock, and little ones make the cutest sheep. The three kings, or wise men, enjoy the most elaborate costumes including crowns bedecked with sweetie wrapper jewels and of course no nativity would be complete without ballerina style angels complete with tinsel halos!   

A first nativity is often a hugely emotional event for proud parents; filing into the assembly hall to perch on miniature chairs they are armed with tissues, cameras and video recorders to capture their child’s stage debut for posterity….and perhaps an embarrassing photograph as the story is re told at 18th birthday celebrations!    

One of the most charming aspects of children’s nativity plays is how the miraculous story is recounted in a ‘matter of fact fashion’ encouraging children to understand the meaning of Christmas through the re-telling of this traditional tale.


Date of Issue 31 October 2012
Designer Wendy Bramall
Printer Lowe-Martin Group
Values 34p, 39p, 52p, 53p, 59p, 69p, 74p
Process Offset Lithography
Stamp Size 40mm deep x 32mm wide
Paper 110gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive
Perforation 13.3
Cylinder A