Guernsey Post is delighted to offer our new Guernsey Post and Go issue featuring the 50th Anniversary of The Guernsey Old Car Club.

These stamps are carried on a clear transparent backing which shows the stamps and their vivid colours off to their best advantage.

Cars featured are:-
1898 Delahaye Type 2 Limousine
1911 Delage Type X Coupe de l'Auto
1936 Riley Kestrel
1952 Bentley Mk.VI
1956 Triumph TR3
1966 Morris Minor 1000 Estate

The Guernsey Post & Go ‘G Series (GG02)’ stamps carry unique identification numbers and no overprint and are available in six tariff weight steps.
Local Letter up to 100g
Local Large Letter up to 100g
UK Letter up to 100g
UK Large up to 100g
International Letter up to 20g
International Large Letter up to 20g

Please note: The price includes an administration fee of £0.50 to vend the stamps on your behalf.

Mint stamps (otherwise known as unused) have never been cancelled or affixed to anything. They will be in the same pristine condition as they were when they left the printer.
Cancelled to Order stamps (CTO) have been cancelled or affixed to something.

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Post and Go: 50th Anniversary of the Guernsey Old Car Club / G Series - 50th Anniversary of GOCC

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