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Several times over the years we have featured cultivated flowers, many of which have been grown in Guernsey for export. On this occasion we are turning the spotlight on some of those that bloom of their own accord, year after year, with no help from mankind.

Wild flowers are one of nature's adornments, springing up sometimes in the unlikeliest of places. With plenty of wild space in which they can thrive, it is only to be expected that Guernsey will have a wide array of these: the cliffs decorated, the hedges and coastal paths lined and L'Ancresse Common studded with a wide variety of little floral jewels.

Now internationally regarded as the leading authority on clematis, Raymond Evison OBE, VMH photographed all the species featured in this set.


Date of Issue 28 February 2008
Designer Raymond Evison
Printer Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH (OeSD)
Values £2, £1, 50p, 40p, 30p, 20p, 10p
Stamp Size 25.7mm deep x 30mm wide (50p, 40p, 30p, 20p, 10p) / 30mm deep x 25.7mm wide (£2, £1)
Paper 110 gsm unwatermarked / PVA adhesive
Sheet 2 x 25
Perforation 14 x 14
Cylinder A