Post and Go: Bailiwick Flowers

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B Series Strips Guernsey Post is delighted offer our new Guernsey Post and Go issue featuring the Bailiwick Flowers.The Guernsey Post & Go ‘B Series’ stamps carry unique identification numbers and no overpri..

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First Day Cover The Philatelic Bureau offers a first day cover service in respect of all stamp issues. A set of stamps is affixed to an unaddressed, speciallydesigned envelope and it is cancelled with a special picto..

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Presentation Pack A convenient and attractive method of displaying and storing Guernsey Post commemorative and definitive stamp issues is the presentation pack folder. Housed in a proprietary stock card, to which ..

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Blank First Day Cover The Philatelic Bureau offers a blank first day cover for the Bailiwick Flowers stamp issue...

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G Series Bailiwick Flowers Collectors Set We are able to offer a Set of 6 Stamps 'G' series Bailiwick Flowers stamps with our Envoy House overprint.The collectors set includes 6 strips with the same value on each strip.Gsy letter up to 100gUK..

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G Series Bailiwick Flowers We are able to offer a Set of 6 Stamps 'G' series Bailiwick Flowers stamps with our Envoy House overprint.Gsy letter up to 100g UK letter up to 100g Gsy large letter up to 100gEUR letter up ..

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Spring Stampex 2019 Bailiwick Flowers (GG04) Guernsey Post is delighted to offer the back office series of Guernsey Post and Go Spring Stampex 2019 Post and Go Bailiwick Flowers overprintThis back office strip will carry the a new back..

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G Series Guernsey Information Centre Bailiwick Flowers locator overprint Guernsey Post and Go 'G Series' (GG03) Bailiwick Flowers collector strips with the Guernsey Information Centre locator overprint will be available until the autumn.Strips can be ordered directly onlin..

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Christmas 2018 Post and Go Overprint SOLD OUTThis year we are sending Christmas Greetings to all our visitors who purchase Post and Go stamps from our mobile unit based at the Guernsey Information Centre.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Y..

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We are delighted to present our latest set of Post and Go stamps featuring some of the beautiful flowers that bloom in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. 

Its abundance of beautiful flora and fauna makes Guernsey a real haven for nature-lovers. Its sunny climate helps a whole host of different and rare species bloom throughout the Bailiwick, some that you won’t find anywhere else in the British Isles.


Date of Issue 14 February 2018
Designer Petula Stone
Printer Walsall Security Printing
Values GY Letter, UK Letter, GY Large Letter, EUR Letter, ROW Letter, UK Large Letter
Process Six colour digital printing in coil strips. Value & location indentifier printed in thermography within a Royal Mail Series II machine.
Stamp Size 25mm deep x 56mm wide
Paper Self-adhesive
Perforation Simulated

Post and Go: Bailiwick Flowers