c. RosemoorTM Evipo002(N)
c. Arctic QueenTM Evitwo(N)
c. Harlow CarrTM Evipo004(N)
c. Guernsey Cream
c. JosephineTM Evijohill(N)
c. Blue MoonTM Evirin(N)
c. WisleyTM Evipo001(N)
c. LiberationTM Evifive(N)
c. Royal VelvetTM Evifour(N)
c. Hyde HallTM Evipo009(N)

Booklets of 10: 10 x 100gm Bailiwick rate
Booklets of 10: 10 x 60gm UK rate
Booklets of 100: 100 x 100gm Bailiwick rate
Booklets of 100: 100 x 60gm UK rate

This robust booklets of self stick stamps contain ten Bailiwick stamps (2 x 5 designs) or ten UK rate (2 x 5 designs). For books of 100 each page is identical. 
These booklets are very poular with small business in Guernsey.


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Raymond Evison Clematis self-stick / Self-stick stamps

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Raymond Evison Clematis self-stick stamps

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